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An Ultimate Guide to E-Commerce Video Production

Unarguably, we prefer videos more than images or huge chunks of text. Even while shopping online, we prefer watching videos instead of going through product descriptions or making a guess of the product quality through pictures.

Brick-and-mortar shops still have an advantage over e-commerce stores – buyers can go into detail about the products they’re willing to buy. E-commerce businesses find it challenging to replicate that experience. That’s where product videos come into play!

No matter which products or services you’re selling in your online store, adding videos to your website can boost engagement and conversion rates. Furthermore, these satisfy the shopper’s curiosity of knowing the product details better than any form.

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To make that possible, you need to undertake e-commerce video production from a reputable creative agency in India.

In this blog, we’ll be highlighting why you need to create videos for your product pages. Also, the types of videos that you can refer to your video production company for your e-commerce business.

It is a long one. So, grab a hot cup of coffee and read on!

Reasons Why You Must Create Videos for Your E-commerce Business

Here are some of the reasons why creating videos can prove to be beneficial for your e-commerce business!

  • Improves Product Understanding

One of the key benefits of videos is that they explain things better. It allows marketers to show and tell the value of a product. This allows viewers to understand even complex products easily and make a purchase decision faster.

  • Improves Conversion Rates

Videos help convert better than images or huge product descriptions. Viewers have the benefit of seeing the product in action and understanding its features before coming down to a decision. That said, Product Videos Impact Your E-commerce Sales tremendously!

  • Fosters Trust & Credibility

Anyone can create an eye-catching website and write huge product descriptions for the products they sell. But the experience is way better with the product videos. Instead of reading long paragraphs or sifting through the still pictures, your customers get to see everything in action, which fosters trust and credibility among them.

  • Improves Search Engine Rankings

Undoubtedly, search engines prioritize video content while ranking results on the SERPs. Thus, product videos will also help boost the visibility of your e-commerce site and reach out to the global audience.

So, reach out to video content creators and skyrocket your e-commerce sales. However, consider some factors when choosing a video production company for your e-commerce business!

Best Video Types for E-commerce Stores

Here are some of the best types of videos that you can create for your e-commerce businesses to achieve goals!

  • Demo Videos

How-to or product demo videos help online sellers to showcase their products in action. Its goal is to show how the product actually works and what one can gain from it.

One of the key advantages of these videos is that they work as testimonials that influence customers to buy the products. In that context, seeing the product in action can help make a purchase decision.

  • Product Highlight Videos

These are simple video overviews of your products, which give you an opportunity to break down their main features and benefits concisely and informatively.

Product highlight videos, if produced properly by a video production company, can help your viewers to see the product in detail.

  • Explainer Videos

Explainer videos help educate your target audience on your product and increase product knowledge. It tells what your product is all about, what it does, and why it is important for them.

If you are into selling digital products, your video content creators can use animated graphics to bring your ideas to life and provide a better understanding of the product.

  • Unboxing Videos

As you can easily guess from its name, unboxing videos show your product in its delivery package and its entire unboxing process.

It is a great video type for attracting new customers to your e-commerce store. These help create excitement in their minds, and they are more likely to be interested in the product.

  • Comparison Video

The main goal of comparison videos is to showcase how your product solves your audience’s problem better than the competition.

This gives you a chance to highlight your product’s unique features and address pain points that other products don’t.

  • Customer Testimonials Videos

You must have heard that your best marketers are your happy and satisfied customers. That’s where customer testimonial videos come into role!

These feature some of your happy customers sharing their experience using your product and the results they got from it. As a result, it may instill trust in the minds of customers.

Which is the Best Video Production Company in India?

Creating videos for your e-commerce business is a great way to engage, educate, retain, and convert shoppers.

There are various video types that you can create for e-commerce purposes (as mentioned in the blog above), but only a few will align with your brand. So, ensure that you choose the video type according to the product you are offering.

If you are looking for a video production company in India, look no further than Sort By Studios! We are a team of video content creators with years of experience who can create any e-commerce video.

Reach out to us and convert your ideas into reality!

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