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The Ultimate Guide to Short-Form Video Content

It’s been said that a video or moving image conveys more information than a thousand words. And well-scripted short-form videos can wrap up in a few seconds or minutes what a hundred words cannot. Short-form video content is the toast of the hour and preeminent all over the internet. It is a more effective communication and advertising tool for video marketers and businesses. But how do you create the ultimate short-form video content that brings in leads, conversions, engagement, boosts demand, improves brand visibility, impacts ROI, and other factors?

In this blog, we look at the ultimate guide that leads to short-form video content with great results. Sort By Studios is a leading video and film production company with a stream of successes in promotional and performance marketing videos, advertising and marketing video content, post-production services, and many creative video production services.

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Key Compelling Statistics on the Latest Short-Form Video Marketing Trends

Looking at the latest video trends in marketing and advertising worldwide, these figures stand out:

  • 95% of businesses today regularly use short videos across major social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and many more to share engaging video content with their audiences.
  • More than 85% of marketers and advertisers report increased interest and demand for their products and sales as the videos express quality succinctly.
  • In addition, over 95% of businesses value the increment video marketing brings to their business strategy. These businesses use video marketing as a regular marketing tool.
  • 90% of businesses now use video marketing and advertising as strategic business tools. They have recognised significant shifts in the demand for their products or services with increased financial gain.
  • 95% of video marketers reported higher and better returns on investment (ROI) and increased brand value from its constant visibility to customers and target audiences.

This proves that short-form video content is king all over the internet. With good video content, it’s easy to connect with the right audience, inspire faith in your product or service, drive higher sales and turnover through quality leads and conversions, increase brand value through recall, visibility, and prominence, and much more. So, what is the best way to create engaging and converting short-form video content for brands and businesses online?

  1. Keep Vidoes Short, Sweet, and Informative: Creativity, entertainment, and information are key ingredients for lead-generation and conversion-friendly short-form video content. The video length and clarity are just as crucial. Lengthy and excessively boring content drives away prospects online. Today, 60 seconds is the standard for short-form video content.
  2. Short-Form Video Content is Between 1-3 Minutes or Less: There are new variations to this rule, with some short-form videos running 30-45 seconds long. Video marketers concur that short-form video content should also be longer than a minute. Short-form videos usually fit into a bite-size format. They are short, compelling, and easy to understand, allowing viewers to scroll through and view several at a time.
  3. Originality, Relevance, and Message Context: Short-form videos must adhere to this principle to click with target-audiences and customers. Original content is valued on the internet. Moreover, relevance and message context with regard to a brand or business must resonate even more. Target audiences and customers respond to contextual relevance in video messages.
  4. Posting Often Helps to Keep in Touch with Prospects: Posting videos regularly like everyday, twice weekly creates an emotional brand or business connection. There will also be higher brand and business recall vis-à-vis competitors among your target audience.
  5. Know the Video Platform Sharing and Posting Rules: Most social platforms accept short-form video content. In fact, some are purely short video posting sites. It is easy to share your short-form video content across different platforms.
  6. Divide Your Videos According to Topic and Best Platforms: Be it tutorials or short product stories, keeping short-form videos structured to the best target audience and topic simplifies your communication strategy. A 60, 45, 30 or 15 second video can be sufficient to communicate your message.


A short video has the power to capture imagination, create compelling story telling, and open information sharing opportunities. Short-form video content is what is trending all over the internet. It’s easy to say a lot in a few seconds or minutes. Sort By Studios, a video production company, has the skills and expertise that help businesses realise their goals with end-to-end video production services, including short-form video content.

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